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What’s Eonic Green?

The demand for more environment-minded products is unsurprisingly a leading trend among our clients. How do we respond to this? Eonic Green is our push towards the usage of more environmentally friendly soft and hard materials. We study, think and choose the appropriate solution to fit each project and the goal our customers want to […]

Internet of Things and outdoor gear might sound like an oxymoron. In reality, they aren’t. The pace of growth in the outdoor gear sector has been nothing short of phenomenal. And with this comes the awareness that technology is playing a starring role in this growth. What does Internet of Things mean? The Internet of […]

Electric bikes are ruling the roost & changing the way cycling is perceived. Some insane stats: E-bike sales were up 98% in 2018 and sales are projected to jump 200% for 2019. Every possible manufacturer is wanting to get in on the game including Ford, GM and several others. All of this means good things […]

Traceability according to the United Nations Global Compact, means the ability to identify and trace the history, distribution, location and application of products, parts and materials, to ensure the reliability of sustainability claims, in the areas of human rights, labour (including health and safety), the environment and anti-corruption. If the supply chain is complex, this […]

Winter Camping 101- Know Your Basics

Winter camping is an adventurous yet an incredibly challenging activity. The sun (if it is present), the snow, the feeling of being in a winter wonderland never ceases to amaze, does it? Winter camping can be safe as long as you watch out for the …    Weather You very obviously need to keep an eye […]

Price – what does it mean? A FAQ with Fabien Marpaux

Price is all about the money isn’t it? We spoke with Fabien Marpaux, who manages Eonic to learn all about ‘price’ and what it means in our industry. Q: What does the word price mean to you? A: The word ‘price’ has so much magic instilled in it. You do know that behind a price, […]

Wellness travel trends for 2019

Wellness travel trends for 2019 – before we explore that here’s some background. In 2018, the wellness industry had grown to a $4.2 trillion market having an incredible 12.8% market growth as per the Global Wellness Institute. [Image: courtesy of Global Wellness Institute] Wellness tourism contributed a whole lot to that figure! In fact, as […]

Circular economy – definition and examples

Circular economy is all about closing the loop and not going around in circles, we promise! We also hope to share some examples of best corporate practices with you. So, what is a circular economy? By definition, a circular economy is an alternative to the traditional linear economy. The idea is to keep resources in […]

Free camping – Know Where to Go and What To Carry

Free camping or wild camping simply refers to the act of sleeping outdoors in an area that generally doesn’t have any typical campsite facilities. The idea is that you park your camper van or put up your tent in an area not designated for camping. You can see how this might cause conflicts with people […]

Wearables Trends 2019 – Behold The Future

Wearables trends 2019 – what exciting changes are going to happen in the year ahead? Did you know that wearable tech has become the top fitness trend for 2019? In this blog post, we hope to examine these trends. We think smart tech + wearables are a super combination and we are very excited about […]

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