Meet Eonic

Meet The Team

Fabien Marpaux

General Manager

With a background in project management and quality control, he is a multitasker. He loves exploring the outdoors and cats!

Kat Ho

Shipping Coordinator

Shipping expert and master negotiator, she has been with us since our inception. She enjoys family hikes on weekends.

Mandy Fong

Project Manager

Top class product developer and a driving force in the team. She enjoys volunteering and leads a local association.

Miu Chan


Expert merchandiser with core experience in accessories development. She is also a cooking master!

Founded in 1998, Eonic’s focus has always been innovation. Our team is keen to bring the power of their experience to your business. We are here to help you turn your idea into a successful product!

We have been designing and manufacturing high quality products thus ensuring that we get the best for our customers. Our sense of what works for you comes from our years of experience in market research. You name the product – we can deliver it to you – from speciality electronics to outerwear, bags and accessories.

Our highly qualified team can help you to grow your product line and how! We are not believers in the ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to product design and development. Our involvement begins at the earliest stages and continues through the final production run. As a result, the integrity of the final product is 100% guaranteed.

Our team always takes a unique approach to each project. From our main offices in Hong Kong, we collaborate with retailers around the globe. Consequently, we develop products that customers can use for a lifetime. Starting with a simple idea, we research the current market to spot trends. In addition, we assist with material selection and collaborate with vetted factories to achieve a high standard of production.

With Eonic, your company can harness the power of an in-house design and production team at no extra cost. Get in touch today to discuss how we can change your company’s future!


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