Electric bikes – What are ebikes and are they the future of cycling?

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Electric bikes are ruling the roost & changing the way cycling is perceived. Some insane stats: E-bike sales were up 98% in 2018 and sales are projected to jump 200% for 2019. Every possible manufacturer is wanting to get in on the game including Ford, GM and several others. All of this means good things for the electric bike sector right? Are they changing the face of cycling?

This great video explains the science behind electric bikes or ebikes and what makes them far much cooler than their pedalling counterparts.


Electric bikes have taken off quickly, haven’t they?

It’s a combination of Silicon Valley’s deep pockets and relentless, possibly reckless, drive to deploy disruptive technology and the fact that cities are dealing with more pressure on public transport infrastructure than ever before with ever decreasing budgets. A match made in heaven. No city is going to turn down a company saying we will solve your transport issues, and guess what, you don’t have to pay for any of it. We will supply all of the vehicles, service them, and support them. And they’re electric — so they must be green and environmentally sustainable …

Rules and regulations across the globe

There are no universal laws regarding electric bike usage. Each country and sometimes states or counties are dealing with it differently. For instance, in Hong Kong, they are considered illegal. But the government’s transport department has commissioned a study for its usage across the city. Cyclists in Mainland China don’t need a license to use an ebike. However, there are new laws being introduced to restrict speed limits of such bikes. For a more comprehensive reading of rules and regulations across the globe, check this Wikipedia link.

The future of electric bikes

Electric bikes future
(Image Credit: Flickr)

Electric bikes are the future. This is very evident with the money flowing into the sector. If you want to check out the best ebikes for 2019, here’s the link for you. This super link lists some way awesome futuristic ebikes – seriously makes us want to get one ourselves!

Electric bikes are also becoming popular outside mainstream cities. You can rent ebikes in camping sites which makes it easier to travel across. Cycling as an activity also gets more accessible especially if you live in remote areas.

On the ground, ebikes are competing with electric scooters. We do feel that the market is evolved enough to accept both players. It will also allow for multiple modes of urban commutes to take place. We also realise that ebikes are able to traverse long distances which gives them some amount of superiority over escooters.

In conclusion, we feel that electric bicycles will become the predominant form of cycling commute. They have higher speed capabilities, can travel for longer distances and are definitely good for the planet.

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