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Vanlife and Vanderlust – a millennial movement

Vanlife is a change in routine, giving up a fixed abode and literally living out of a van. With the right gear, the possibilities of travel become endless. Van living has become an alternative culture around the world, and is now considered a lifestyle, something cool, even aspirational. Is it all that amazing? So is […]

Night running – the ultimate guide

Night running can be a bit intimidating. It takes effort and gear to get it right. There are some great benefits to running in the dark, believe it or not. There is no rush involved to get back home quickly from work before twilight hits. You are free to run whenever you get the chance. […]

Glamping 101: A beginner’s guide to glamping

What is glamping? Glamping is glamorous camping or camping done in luxurious surroundings. It is a great break from the hustle and bustle of daily life in immensely comfortable accommodation. There are many reasons for glamping but the best one we reckon, is that you are connecting with nature without roughing it up! You have […]

Right air travel gear can make a huge difference. Flying can sometimes be a downright miserable experience. Security checks, TSA enabled locks, flight delays, lost luggage – can cause frustration. How can we make air travel a more pleasurable experience? Best air travel gear Compression socks – Ever been on a long haul? It can […]

Biking, bike sharing and accessories

Biking is recreational and yet as a discipline, it requires a great amount of dedication and training. Most cyclists feel that cycling improves their physical health but also ensures that their mental outlook stays strong. Cycling is more than just a method of commuting- it has evolved into a lifestyle. People love to ride their […]

Case Studies That Express Our Values

Case studies that reflect the company’s core values are important. Core values at some level seem abstract yet are aspirational. How do we go about implementing them? We started using them in our everyday work life and made them part of work goals. Case Studies The Revolutionary Travel Pillow How do you revolutionise and revitalize […]

Core Values of Eonic

Who we are and our core values At Eonic HK, we are all about our core values. We offer product development services for both start-ups and established brands where we can design, prototype & manufacture your product. That’s a mouthful isn’t it? Essentially what we do is we create products. These may emphasise functionality or […]

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