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(Photo Credit: Brian Erickson/Unsplash) Trail running means running over hiking trails, in mountainous terrain with ascents and descents. There’s no traffic unless you count wild critters and this as peaceful as it gets whilst indulging in running. The vistas depending on high you end up are stunning and worth all that pain in your legs. […]

How To Create A Product Prototype With Eonic

Working to develop a product prototype and feeling lost? It is far too easy to get overwhelmed with what’s available out there. At Eonic, we can guide you and help turn your idea into reality. We have been developing travel and outdoor gear for aeons. Our experience translates into what we can do for you […]

Healthcare technology is a complex intertwining of two sectors. Technology improves the quality of the life of the patient and allows us to drive cost reduction. The idea behind most health and fitness apps, for instance, is to ensure that the patient stays active which links to preventative medicine. Medical technology is central to people’s […]

The China environmental crisis deepened in 2017 with compliance regulations getting tougher. The focus earlier had always been on approving projects with set environmental-friendly rules attached. It has now shifted to regulations focused on pollution from manufacturers. The targeted factories are tanneries (leather production), electroplating, chemicals, mining and others. Method of Delivery of Regulations In […]

How do you determine the best tweens travel accessories? Tweens travel accessories can involve packing more than a few essentials. Travelling with them can be a difficult proposition. They are not interested in rainbows and sand castles. They want their smartphones. Exciting activities along with good ole family time do make for good vacays with […]

Supply Chain Trends 2018 – What Will The Future Bring?

Supply chain trends 2018 – what lies in the year ahead? In this blog post, we hope to reveal the future and embrace the challenges it brings with it. These trends are global yet can potentially play a dominant role in your industry. We reckon the year ahead will bring disruptive innovations to the fore. […]

The Best Travel Trends for 2018

What are the travel trends for 2018? In understanding what the travel trends for 2018, were, we felt that 2018 will be a super year for international travel, despite all the challenges facing travellers. More and more people are taking advantage of newer ways to experience our world from exploring the fjords of Greenland to […]

Winter kayaking – tips & resources

Winter kayaking…. we gotta admit when we say winter kayaking, we don’t mean this ☺ If the conditions are right, you are guaranteed to come back feeling like you climbed Mount Everest, well that’s the idea anyway! Cold winter paddling – what’s the fuss all about? (Source: Flickr: Nicolas Suzor) Well, it is kayaking but […]

Mountain biking for beginners- gear & more

“The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go the more likely it is you’ll crash.” – Julie Furtado via the Sacred Rides website. What does mountain biking mean? Honestly, we don’t want you to mountain bike quite like that. That is Danny Macaskill, a Scottish street trials rider. And by god, […]

Survival Gear – 4 Must Have Survival Items

How important is survival gear? Surviving the great outdoors, depends on human courage than the gear you might have in your backpack. Having said that, survival experts do believe that having an emergency kit at all times in the wilderness will definitely help! This is not about making you into the next Bear Grylss. But […]

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