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Outdoor gear and geese- what’s the connection? Did you know that geese feathers make up your down jacket? If you are like me and didn’t know this rather exciting fact and you are wondering why and how, have no fear, we intend to delve further into the somewhat exhilarating world of what goes into the […]

Benefits of a mobile supply chain

Mobile supply chain literally translates into money in the bank for any business. Smartphones have become an ubiquitous part of life. Without mobile tech your business will lag. Are there real time benefits of adopting a mobile supply chain? The biggest push towards mobile is coming from end customers. We have written about this in […]

5 Amazing DIY Camping Hacks For Your Trip

To experience the outdoors, you can DIY camping hacks too. Camping is a fun outdoor activity when done right. It’s a great way to engage with friends and family and experience the wild outdoors at the same time. It needn’t be about crazy expensive tents or gear. Awesome DIY Camping Hacks Headlamp + Jug The […]

Slow travel – savouring the journey

Slow travel as a movement has gained momentum. Our lives are fast and frenzied in its pace. Enjoying moments of respite, knowing that every aspect of travel can be savoured and made into a beautiful memory is worth looking into. It requires a different mind-set. Rather than racing around mindlessly attempting to see every tourist […]

Must-Have Road Trip Gear

Carrying the right road trip gear makes a trip super fun and organised. Keeping your car somewhat tidy, keeping your devices charged so you can get that gram and most importantly tide you over an emergency. Emergency Road Trip Gear Starting with a first aid kit (emergencies to be dealt with first), if you are […]

Must have Pet Travel Accessories

Pet travel accessories are an important part of pet care. Pet wearables have become a fact of life where the pet’s location and health metrics are available to the owner. But in terms of travel accessories, what do you need to make sure your pet is safe and happy? Facts on pet care and travel […]

Ecological packaging is a heavy-duty term. But given the way our environment is flailing, this needs to become an industry standard. It is all about the kind of material used, size, volume & new methods of packaging. Our dependency on plastics needs to reduce, given how long it takes to degrade. Most companies have launched […]

(Photo Credit: Brian Erickson/Unsplash) Trail running means running over hiking trails, in mountainous terrain with ascents and descents. There’s no traffic unless you count wild critters and this as peaceful as it gets whilst indulging in running. The vistas depending on high you end up are stunning and worth all that pain in your legs. […]

How To Create A Product Prototype With Eonic

Working to develop a product prototype and feeling lost? It is far too easy to get overwhelmed with what’s available out there. At Eonic, we can guide you and help turn your idea into reality. We have been developing travel and outdoor gear for aeons. Our experience translates into what we can do for you […]

Healthcare technology is a complex intertwining of two sectors. Technology improves the quality of the life of the patient and allows us to drive cost reduction. The idea behind most health and fitness apps, for instance, is to ensure that the patient stays active which links to preventative medicine. Medical technology is central to people’s […]

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